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Co-founder and CEO

Fayyaz-ur-Rahman is the Co-founder, CEO and serves as a board member for Hixel Techs ( BlueMode Technologies Pvt.Ltd), with over 4 years of experience leading and increasing growth for small and medium businesses.

He is responsible for the strategic direction, vision, growth and performance of Hixel Techs. He leads with the company’s international operations, with responsibility for businesses in the US, UK and Middle-East. He also oversees the company’s ongoing expansion efforts into emerging markets.
Using Technology is the usual thing this day, Living in Technology tends to a new world of experience.

Vivek Akkaldevi

Co-founder and COO

He is a Front-end Developer and Full Stack UI / UX Designer, pursued my graduation in BFA(Animation), JNAFAU, HYD.

Basically, He is passionate about learning new things and being unique in everything and He Even works with Environments like 3D Animation, 3D Modeling, Texturing, Game designing Graphical content. As a COO, He used to Design, Plan and Implement Business strategies, Plans and procedures, Setting comprehensive goals for business growth and success and Maintaining relationships with partners and vendors since 2018.

Technology is best when it brings people together and makes it forever.

Mani Chandra B

Data Analyst and Marketing Executive

He has completed my master's in Msc. Data Science and Analytics from the University of Hertfordshire, UK. Apart from the course, He is familiar with the python frameworks like Django for Web development..

Let's know him better, here to develop my business he trained in data science to manage, manipulate, and retrieve the data for company data analysis and Visualization. And Moreover, he took charge to operate clients and developers as an inter communicator. he is familiar with Python libraries like Pandas, Numpy, Scipy, and Matplotlib. On the Other hand, he design Posters and logos in my free time.

Technology does not remain constant as it will change like climate and moon.